July 2022
By Katlego Baakile

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Innovative Energy solutions caters Renewable Energy solutions, predominantly Solar Energy.

Hydrocon Green offers Innovative Water Solutions to various sectors across the country, over the years, Energy requirements have demanded we create a bridge between the two sectors.

-Solar (Thermal) Water Heating systems for Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic applications.
-Small to Large – Indirect thermosyphon and pumped systems.


Figure 1 Solar Thermal Energy     

The Sun is the central energy producer of our solar system. Solar radiation drives all natural cycles and processes such as rain, wind, photosynthesis, ocean currents, and several others, which are important for life.

Figure 2 Solar Collectors Technology

The solar collector is the main part of a solar thermal system, that transforms solar radiant energy into heat that can be used for heating swimming pools, hot water preparation, space heating and even heat for industrial processes.


Dam Levels  

Dam Levels as of 20.07.2022                                                       Total Dam Capacities




-1.5mm thick HDPE Liner for Irrigation water Pond
-Dimensions: Length 15m x 15m x 2.5m
-Installation completed on-site by our HDPE welding team in 3-Days

HDPE Liner is useful for various Water Storage Solutions.
Process Water, Storm Water, Irrigation Water, Treated waste-water Ponds.

Products & Services

                           ACTIVATED FILTER MEDIA (AFM)

At Hydrocon we strive to deliver quality, and only use the best products. For our filtration vessels for example, instead of sand, we use a much better product: Activated Filter Media (AFM).

Why is AFM better than sand?

-Bacteria survive in sand filters, but not in AFM
-AFM grains have a higher surface, and therefore superior filtration
-AFM filters out much smaller particles than sand
-Backwashing a filter system goes much faster with AFM
-AFM is from recycled activated glass





Weather Forecast from 24 July – 05 August 2022 – Gaborone

Source: weather.com

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