Hydrocon Green offers a complete range of water storage solutions for all needs. Suitable for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications, our quality products offer excellent value for money.


  • Manufactured by Hydrocon Green in Gaborone
  • Capacity from 17,000L to 600,000L
  • Height options - 2.4m and 1.2m
  • PVC lining material is standard 600gsm with UV protection (food grade material also available)
  • Opt covers - both PVC and solid steel are available
  • Products made to order

Sectional Tanks

  • Panels 1.22m x 1.22m
    • Cold pressed quality steel
    • All panels and internal bracings are hot dip galvanised
    • Nuts and bolts are high tensile grade
    • Capacity from 1.8m3 to > 2,000m3
    • Modular tanks, so there are few limitations to maximum capacity
    • EDPM rubber gaskets used for all joint sealing
    • Supplied, installed and maintained by Hydrocon Green
    • Stand Options: tank stand or ground level

HDPE Lined Dams

  • Installation standard to strict SHE mining specifications
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes) liners
  • Guntex bidum bedding liner
  • Double hot edge welding done on-site
  • Seams pressure tested
  • Supplied, installed and maintained

Top Covers (Hard & Soft)

  • PVC – life span +/- 7-years
  • Corrugated iron – lifespan +/- 15-years
  • Top Covers reduce
    • Algae – which needs sunlight to develop
    • Airborne contamination – Dust, Birds - twigs, debris, ablutions.
    • Evaporation – typically 2m / year
  • Irrigation projects MUST have a top cover – otherwise Algae will effect your irrigation equipment downstream.


  • PVC Liners
  • Tank Stands >> see more
  • Cattle Troughs (Feed and water)
    • Made from 2mm Steel
    • Externally coated with Epoxy paint
    • Internally coated with strong long lasting black food-approved paint.
    • Can include float valve and cage
    • Can have protection bars to manage cattle usage
    • Manufactured and serviced in Botswana.