August 2022
By Katlego Baakile

Fast Facts                                                                


Hydrocon Green offers Innovative Water Solutions to various sectors across the country, over the years, Energy requirements have demanded we create a bridge between the two sectors.

Innovative Energy solutions caters Renewable Energy solutions, predominantly Solar Energy.

Solar Photo Voltaic

Solar (Photo-Voltaic) systems for Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic applications.

  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Grid-tied solar systems
  • Solar pumping solutions
  • Solar floodlighting
  • Energy efficiency projects


Dam Levels  

Dam Levels as of 15.08.2022                               


Current Level (%)


Last year level (%)


Months of Supply without Inflow


Dikgatlhong 81.2 89.7 24
Molatedi 43.6 49.5 48
Gaborone 49.4 52.8 19
Letsibogo 86.0 86.3 21
Thune 70.1 86.8 39
Shashe 78.9 83.4 20
Ntimbale 87.8 86.2 15
Lotsane 68.8 80.7 22
Bokaa 82.3 79.2 12
Nnywane 93.9 84.6 13


 Total Dam Capacities



The SBS Group (SBS Tanks) has partnered with Hydrocon Green to offer a comprehensive range of water security solutions proven to be effective and reliable for use in the Mining, Fire Protection, Municipal, Water Conservation, Commercial and Agricultural sectors.

SBS Tank ST10-02 – Effective capacity 66000Ltrs, 6.82m diameter, 2.14m Height. Tank manufactured with Zincalume® body and dome cover, PVC liner.


Tank accessories include hook on ladder assembly2-ring mechanical water level indicator. Tank installation duration 5-working days

Products & Services



Improved crop growth, health, and development to maximize yields can be achieved through the use of various methods: predominantly crop protection structures are utilized. Protection structures include Shade netting, Tunnel, and Greenhouses, amongst others.

Protective structures increase crop yield and quality by altering environmental factors, such as light, temperature, air humidity, wind, and/or pest pressure.

Hydrocon Green offers the following range of crop structures.

Shade Net – 40% Grey (Other colors also available)

  • 0.25Ha, 0.5Ha, 1Ha with/without Trellising

Tunnel Structures – 200micron Plastic & 40% Grey shade net

  • 10x30m Standard – other sizes available on request

Tunnel Structures – 200micron with Climate Control

  • 10x30m Standard with extraction fans & cooling pads


Weather Forecast from 25 August – 31 August 2022 – Gaborone

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